Block Squad: Survival Compilation | Minecraft Animation

2021-ж., 20-мар.
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Just like Stan (I'm pretty sure it should be Steve) says "The best thing about Survival Mode is visiting all the biomes!" And he'd be right-- in this funny Minecraft animation join the Block Squad as they check out a Mushroom Island, sail across the ocean, try to infiltrate a Village, TOTALLY fail at having an animal farm, and so many more adventures!
Stan- Jonah Rashid
Porkchop- Austin Cook (@austinjaycook & )
Chicken- @Kyotosomo
Audio Mixing: James OByrne
Animated by:
84 Animation Studio (
Ovni Vaca Studios
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    ArcadeCloudArcadeCloudАй мурун
    • Also mine is nether

      Bárbara VudoyraBárbara Vudoyra16 күн мурун
    • @CashStrix WHAT THE

      Bárbara VudoyraBárbara Vudoyra16 күн мурун
    • A modified jungle

      It’s Rory plays crafting GrueterIt’s Rory plays crafting Grueter20 күн мурун
    • One block

      Nathaniel OrbudaNathaniel Orbuda21 күн мурун
    • Kortals mortals portals

      TheFastBlueBlurTheFastBlueBlur22 күн мурун
  • can you put the soul sand biome in the nether

    foxyfoxy3 күн мурун
  • Animals

    Tamuno-Tonye Omuso-JumboTamuno-Tonye Omuso-Jumbo6 күн мурун
  • The Aether Biome is cool speaking of you should make a video about it.❤️😂😁👋

    Keith VicknairKeith Vicknair10 күн мурун
  • Gd has hfhdhdg

    anantha padmanabananantha padmanaban18 күн мурун
  • Super 👍🎉

    anantha padmanabananantha padmanaban18 күн мурун
  • Mine is nether

    Mary Grace FrenoMary Grace Freno18 күн мурун
  • Asteveno😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

    Ramon II QuiliquiteRamon II Quiliquite20 күн мурун
  • 1:34 What! No!

    Nathaniel OrbudaNathaniel Orbuda21 күн мурун
  • Bfiome

    TheFastBlueBlurTheFastBlueBlur22 күн мурун
  • Mine the Saba the secret biome only I am the one who Knossos where it is

    Eshaan ElahiEshaan ElahiАй мурун

    Ahnewake’ StreetsAhnewake’ StreetsАй мурун
  • I was sad:(and you made me happy on this episode

    Jasmine GauceツJasmine GauceツАй мурун
  • Cool bro

    Justin BotosJustin BotosАй мурун
  • Hahahhahhahhahahhahfack Etahahahaha

    Justin BotosJustin BotosАй мурун
  • Socket Gases bisch

    Justin BotosJustin BotosАй мурун
  • Watar Fak Fak Yu bisch

    Justin BotosJustin BotosАй мурун
  • Noice

    Estella StrazzeriEstella StrazzeriАй мурун
  • Omg I laughing so hard xD

    Eugene San AndresEugene San AndresАй мурун
  • Chicken: GIVE ME THOSE!

    Nicolaus PamungkasNicolaus PamungkasАй мурун

      Nicolaus PamungkasNicolaus PamungkasАй мурун
  • Pfft nvm

    derija the toca girlderija the toca girlАй мурун
  • Do you like my sword, sword, sword?

    NickMortuusNickMortuusАй мурун
  • The The

    Dongning LiuDongning LiuАй мурун
  • 8:10 is that a church or spider spawner

    Denise BriggsDenise BriggsАй мурун
    • @The Random Hunter thing stan really wants xp

      Denise BriggsDenise BriggsАй мурун
    • It’s an Xp farm

      The Random Hunter thingThe Random Hunter thingАй мурун
  • Uhh ok whats the point of this

    derija the toca girlderija the toca girlАй мурун
  • Why do they say bad words???

    Joseantonio GalvanJoseantonio GalvanАй мурун
    • Cause they can

      RaidenRaiden28 күн мурун
  • When he 3AM

    Carlton CoburnCarlton CoburnАй мурун
  • M

    Carlton CoburnCarlton CoburnАй мурун
  • Part 2

    24ksaif _yt24ksaif _ytАй мурун
  • Don’t even try to be dream

    Nicholas XavierNicholas XavierАй мурун
  • Its a mooshroom

    Bon & Bea AdventuresBon & Bea AdventuresАй мурун
  • M

    finley cordockfinley cordockАй мурун
  • Poor pig

    Meera PrajapatiMeera PrajapatiАй мурун
  • Hi

    Dr Lizette Louw IncDr Lizette Louw IncАй мурун
  • Whats your favorite cool biome

    T-series GAMERXT-series GAMERXАй мурун
  • bad lands

    Dominic PappacodaDominic PappacodaАй мурун
  • Steve sounds like tanner and the pig sounds like Roche

    Rade mateRade mateАй мурун
    • There the same voice actor

      RaidenRaiden18 күн мурун
  • My favorite biom is the end

    Christian Khen MalupengChristian Khen MalupengАй мурун
    • Mine is the nether

      Bárbara VudoyraBárbara Vudoyra16 күн мурун
  • Oak forest

    Lkhagvaa ChuluunbaatarLkhagvaa ChuluunbaatarАй мурун
  • I miss the gta vs cod rap battle

    PurpleshellPurpleshellАй мурун
  • Wow i ♥️👍

    kerish wowkerish wowАй мурун
  • Mincraft is greatest game

    Subscribe to my channelSubscribe to my channelАй мурун
  • Vids so funny 🤪🤪

    Neo _CubeNeo _CubeАй мурун
  • Hahahaha

    Nilam SinhaNilam SinhaАй мурун
  • Respects to you if you like fortnite and Minecraft 👍👍

    theguack brotheguack broАй мурун
  • 0:30 give me those yum 😋

    Tanner EdwardsTanner EdwardsАй мурун
  • Replay

    Demon King DiabloDemon King DiabloАй мурун
  • A. A. A.

    Frog No wins in Minecraft pvpFrog No wins in Minecraft pvpАй мурун
  • The moosroom biome is my favourite

    shahrin zohorashahrin zohoraАй мурун
  • .my favorite biome is stronghold below village because thats easy to beat minecraft

    T-series GAMERXT-series GAMERXАй мурун
    • If you make lucky block animation thats will get more subs

      T-series GAMERXT-series GAMERXАй мурун
    • Arcadecloud

      T-series GAMERXT-series GAMERXАй мурун
  • Oof lol

    Barbara RoyalBarbara RoyalАй мурун
  • Banana

    Kyson WilliamsKyson WilliamsАй мурун
  • 🍌

    Kyson WilliamsKyson WilliamsАй мурун
  • I love farlands

    fishyda fishfishyda fishАй мурун
  • 85th comment

    Hakan KajumiHakan KajumiАй мурун
  • U poo Stan

    TheGamerPlayZTheGamerPlayZАй мурун
  • I love so much you're videos

    Salah ChaabanSalah ChaabanАй мурун
  • Nice

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  • Aye yo can u make a roblox series '_'

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  • Village

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  • I love this movie

    26 - Qasim Faheem26 - Qasim FaheemАй мурун
  • Whoa

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  • Great vid

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  • Cool

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  • I love this

    fortnitegamer he'll on relsfortnitegamer he'll on relsАй мурун
    • @fortnitegamer he'll on rels bruuuh

      Austin PlayzzAustin PlayzzАй мурун
    • @Austin Playzz I liked your comment bruh

      fortnitegamer he'll on relsfortnitegamer he'll on relsАй мурун
    • Same dude

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  • Didn't you already make this?

    Tracey WilliamsTracey WilliamsАй мурун
    • @Tracey Williams .......

      Shisui UchihaShisui UchihaАй мурун
    • Oh wait

      Tracey WilliamsTracey WilliamsАй мурун
  • One of the first

    Adam hemmeligAdam hemmeligАй мурун
  • Love ❤️

    2027Abdullah Attia2027Abdullah AttiaАй мурун
  • i like it

    Joe CimaJoe CimaАй мурун
  • Cool

    Rio ChavezRio ChavezАй мурун
  • I loved this series

    Ronin SpahnRonin SpahnАй мурун
    • U mean love?

      Miki stinky6FNMiki stinky6FNАй мурун
    • I did too

      TDiamonds23 IceTDiamonds23 IceАй мурун
  • Wanna be friends?!!!!

    omijie penzonomijie penzonАй мурун
    • Yes ok its fine

      theguack brotheguack broАй мурун
    • Sure🙂

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    • NO

      Some stupid personSome stupid personАй мурун
    • @peashooter and i didnt as you

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    • @peashooter i hate you

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  • Nice vid

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  • Yay I'm 23

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    • @CJCoolj playz Ur not

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    • I’m 45

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    • I'm 10

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  • am i early? anyway this is epic

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  • I like minecraft

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