Predator & Stealthy Stronghold | Fortnite Animation (Trios)

2021-ж., 11-мар.
869 354 Көрүүлөр

After taking a much needed vacation, Stella Fame and Drippley drop BACK into the Battle Royale in this funny Fortnite animation! Stella has fully recovered from her gold addiction, and the gang is ready to drop into Stealthy Stronghold. But something's amiss-- is there a fashion forward alien hunter running amok?! The Predator and Stella face off while Drippley comments on everyone's outfits, but Fame is busy... Fishing?! He really wants that fishing trophy. Better be careful not to upset Triggerfish and Fishtick, though!
Script: Annie Krueger
Audio Mixing: James OByrne
Drippley-Austin Cook
(@austinjaycook &
Stella- Ashley Rapuano
Fame- Baldwin Williams
Fishsticks- Terrance Nicholson (
Predator- Andrew Chan
Triggerfish- Nicole Mackie
Animation: Ovni Vaca Studios

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  • *Dripley, Fade, Stella, Predator was struck with the banhammer*

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  • Ohhh all of Dripley weapons are legendary and I always call legandry gold weapons and ps were in season 6 all of those weapons are vaulted so Dripley a hacker

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    • He picked up Stella's hoarding habit

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    • His name is Fame in Trios animations Jose A Covarrubius

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  • So Stella is addicted to gold and fade is addicted to fishing I wonder what rippley is addicted to?

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    • Drugs

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    • Because this is Stella, not Siona!

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  • Imagine you're fighting a noob and he pulls out a mythic goldfish

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  • With the dragons breath shotgun I can burn wooden builds to the ground from up close, With the Dragons breath sniper I can burn wooden builds to the ground from a distance. (Definitely the dragons breath sniper over the shotgun, dragons breath shotgun: holds 4 rounds fires only once and the reload isn't worth it. Dragons breath sniper: shoot at a 5 story hotel made of wood, and it's a guaranteed Victory Royale.)

    Shadow LordShadow Lord2 ай мурун
  • I'm not trying to be mean but I like the originals better there cool, awesome and OG but the new ones are just my favourite skins getting brutally shot or cut Also I know arcadecloud won't see this and even if he did he wouldn't care becuase I remember being happy to see meowscles but then all 3 of them died and it made me so sad I wish there could be one where they team up with meowscles (and/or kit if they want) I hope he sees this but no famous youtuber ever sees my comments 😥

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