Spider XP Farming | Block Squad (Minecraft Animation)

2021-ж., 13-мар.
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In this funny Minecraft animation, Porkchop knows Stan is up to something fishy, but they need to catch him in the act. Stan claims he's cutting grass at night, but it's revealed that he's actually been training to get more XP! Which is all fine and good, until Porkchop and Chick discover that's he's ACTUALLY XP Farming using a Spider Spawn.
Porkchop- Austin Cook (@austinjaycook & m.kgworld.info )
Chicken- @Kyotosomo
Stan- Jonah Rashid
Audio Mixing: James OByrne
Animation: 84 Animation Studio (www.84animationstudio.net/)

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  • I'm not skilled enough to make this EXP farm even with the spawn

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      Rocky !Rocky !Ай мурун
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  • They're like his fucking parents

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