Zombie Spawner | Block Squad (Minecraft Animation)

2021-ж., 16-янв.
204 962 Көрүүлөр

In this funny Minecraft animation, Porkchop Chick and Stan start their day in the biome by tunneling underground with no regard for safety (Don't dig straight down kids!) to mine in the caves!
Stan is eager to find the materials to make a nether portal, as well as find a stronghold. After going into the caves, Stan realizes he doesn't have any sticks or wood! Hope the Block Squad can make it back to their house alive! Or will the skeleton mobs take it over and destroy it?...
Script: Chris Durgin
Jonah Rashid-Stan
Austin Cook (@austinjaycook & m.kgworld.info )-Porkchop
@Kyotosomo - Chick
James OByrne-Assorted
Stephen Pena (instagram.com/stephenjpena/?hl=en)-Assorted
Audio by James OByrne
Animated by Ovni Vaca Studios
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  • Roach aka pig: I can craft a horse

    My CarpetMy Carpet29 күн мурун
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  • Speaking of cave let's see how the crew will when the next update comes in I hope they don't get crush by the warden or anything but I am enjoying the series^^ Lol, baby zombie fire box 🤣

    The Dark Ringed FoxThe Dark Ringed FoxАй мурун
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    • kgworld.info/wiki/video/mJWMcrGIpqyfs3c

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